1. "Biden's Not Trump"
Often, the question we subconsciously ask about a candidate is not, "Who would be the best Commander-in-Chief?" but rather, "Who would I rather have as my neighbor?" It's only human to judge a person based off whether we like them, our gut feeling about them. The problem is that the heart is deceitful above all things, that we look at the outside, but God looks at the inside to judge. Many Christians rightly see the outside of Joseph Biden, the smile, the handsome genetics, the inviting speech, that he and his wife are in shape and, socially, within the Overton window. By society's reckoning, he is above reproach, and the orange man is not.

Such Christians fall into the trap of believing the world's narrative about how bad Trump is. Sinner though Trump is, I genuinely believe Christians can see how his character has drastically improved over his 4 years as President. Consider Wayne Grudem's words:

"His many years of business conduct show that he is not racist or anti-(legal) immigrant or anti-Semitic or misogynistic... these are unjust magnifications by a hostile press exaggerating some careless statements he has made. I think he is deeply patriotic and sincerely wants the best for the country. He has been an unusually successful problem solver in business. He has raised remarkable children. Many who have known him personally speak highly of his kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity... [A]fter... four years in office,... he has shown remarkable courage of his convictions, faithfulness to his campaign promises, steadfastness of purpose in spite of an astoundingly hostile press, incredible energy in the performance of his job, dignity and even eloquence in many formal speeches and ceremonies at home and abroad, respect and appreciation for his wife Melania and his sons and daughters, and a wide-ranging understanding of the hundreds of different issues that every president faces. In contrast to his past life, during his term in office there is not been even a hint of any sexual impropriety. He is sometimes boastful but on a number of occasions I have seen him publicly give credit to many other people for things that have been accomplished. And I think he has shown mature and wise judgment in a variety of situations that he has faced as president."

To put it directly with the words of Al Mohler: "I cannot accept the argument that a calm man who affirms the dismembering of babies in the womb has a superior character to a man who rants like Genghis Khan but acts to preserve that life." Many Christians disagree and still wish to vote for Biden because he is not Trump. So let me make an even stronger statement that should challenge every Christian reading this.

Joe Biden is a morally worthless and wicked man and fails as much or considerably more at every moral test than Donald J. Trump.

Don't take my word for it. Here's the proof (by no means exhaustive). Joe Biden is:
—'No one lost their private insurance under Obamacare' last week,
—When his first wife was killed because she drove into the right-of-way of a diesel truck, he lied and accused the man of drunk driving,
—And countless other examples here and many others the biased Politifact has not checked accurately.

AN ULTRA-DIVISIVE SATAN (lit. "accuser")
—Openly saying 200,000 people wouldn't be dead from coronavirus if Trump wasn't president chiefmost in his panoply of accusations.
—Condemning Trump for dividing America in red and blue states, and then immediately doing it himself in the final debate.

—"I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect" he told a constituent who criticized his poor school performance,
—Recently called a constituent a "damn liar" and challenged him to a push-up contest,
—Said "I get calls from people all over the world — world leaders are calling me — and they're almost begging me to do this, to save the country, save the world," etc.

—He stole his current wife from her husband while she worked for Joe's campaign, committing adultery with her. As often as Trump's sexual sin is mentioned, how many of you have heard of this?
—He routinely swam naked in front of his female Secret Service agents.

—Tara Reade, foremost and most credible amongst other accusers.

—Constantly sticking his foot in his mouth for years, not just since he's been old,
—He's known for his many embarrassing gaffes and oversimplifications.

—Multiple documented cases of plagiarism,
—Wants to increase income tax.

—Being beholden to the endless, godless whims of the increasingly radical and violent left,
—Changing his policy every day to match what he's supposed to support according to his party and his lobbies.

—Capitalizing on the pagan machinations of the globalist, environmentalist movement,
—Claiming we have 9 years before climate change irreversibly destroys the planet,
—Intending to rejoin the disastrous Paris Peace Accords, amongst many other regulative goals.

—Partaking in the multi-million-dollar, corrupt Hunter Biden deals around the world,
—Owning 4 homes with a net worth beyond what his political salaries and book deals have paid.

—Claiming and defending no specific culture, religion, or way of life for America or the West,
—Encouraging disintegrationist, globalist policies,
—Pretending Muslims, Antifa, and other wicked groups are oppressed, harmless, tolerable, or even strengthening additions to our society.

—Living off tax-payer money since literally the first possible day he could [they had to wait for his birthday to swear him in],
—Campaigning for record-low two hour days,
—Staying hunkered down in his basement for the better part of an election year.

—Actively leading millions astray after false beliefs,
—Saying he would support children as young as 8 "transitioning" to another gender (Luke 17:2).

—Supporting pro-forced-segregation in the past,
—Saying he wouldn't send his kids to schools that are "racial jungles,"
—Lying about having walked in civil rights marches,
—Encouraging racist group-think by saying "you ain't black" if you don't know to vote for him,
—Celebrating replacing white people in America,
—Believing and promoting Critical Race Theory,
—Saying "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,"
—Saying Obama is "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy."

A MURDERER (According to 1 John 3:15)
—Being actively pro-baby-murder,
—Promising to codify Roe v. Wade into law,
—Opposing the Hyde amendment,
—Wanting to put the Obama contraception mandate back in place,
—Supporting many partial-birth-abortion candidates,
—Seeking (now and in the past) to increase Planned Parenthood funding,
—Ultimately hating millions of his pre-born neighbors for decades by pushing for other pro-abortion laws and deregulations.

—Possessing many anti-religious-freedom policies and beliefs,
—Pushing anti-gun beliefs,
—Choosing Beto O'Rourke to be in his administration specifically to solve "the gun problem," a man who said, "Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,"
—Promising to federally enforce mask-wearing,
—Promising to increase everyone's income taxes,
—Promising to mandate healthcare and provide it publically,
—Promising to eliminate fracking and the entire oil industry by government force,
—Supporting court-packing,
—Supporting elimination of the filibuster,
—Condemning the border-wall and strong use of force for border security,
—Supports amnesty for the 30 million illegal aliens in our country, and on and on.

And the man who is all of these things is
—Supporting the pure evil Iran Nuclear Deal,
—Having the weakest foreign policy record to-date,
—Even causing Obama's Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to say Biden's "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."

There are other reasons not to vote for Biden, for example what seem to be the symptoms of strong cognitive decline and the wickedness of his running mate, party, cabinet, etc. But this list is sufficient to demonstrate his character unfitness for the office. Let us pray for his repentance (Yes, Lord Jesus!), but let us not vote for him.

If the above list is true, every Christian has a duty to be loudly denouncing him, even if he is not Trump, especially because he claims to be a brother in Christ. But Christians know he certainly is not. And not only that, he should be excommunicated per 1 Corinthians 5 for his ~47 years of unrepentant leading in and spreading of evil ideology and policy. He is likely going to lead millions of Christians astray in voting for him.

The only thing at which Biden is better than Trump is appearing more agreeable and moral, but biblically that is only further condemnation: he is genuinely more divisive in his speech and only covers up his wickedness with smooth, ear-tickling speech that hides his incessant lies (2 Timothy 4:3-4). This is the kind of false teacher the Bible warns so strongly against. To the one well-read in Proverbs and the New Testament, it is no surprise that the wolf in sheep's clothing also talks like a sheep, with a really kindly, gentle, old-man sheep voice.

Furthermore, most of Trump's major flaws have been reduced strongly during the 4 years of his presidency, likely a result of our prayer and his good choices of council. Nevertheless, Trump still sins and does not appear to have the Spirit. Christians should be honest about the things of Trump's past that would give us pause, not because we do not know them already, but to present a fair, reasoned case. The problem lies in the fact that Christians are afraid to hold Biden to an objective, biblical standard just because he seems nicer, or because he isn't Trump.

2. "Biden is kind, quiet, safe, mild-mannered."
I, with the babies whose murder he has helped keep legal, with Tara Reade, with his female secret service agents, with his wife's former cuckolded husband, with the sound of a rioting and reviling nation stirred up around us on his account, loudly tell you: he is not.

3. "Voting for Biden (or other pro-choice candidates) will actually result in lower abortion rates."
This comes in several forms:

1. Liberal policies result in fewer abortions. Look at Democrat run cities and states!
2. Biden is a Roman Catholic who wants to lower abortion rates by making contraceptives more available, amongst other social reforms.
3. Trump winning has made democrats react strongly for abortion, so voting for Biden as a calculation to reduce the Democratic reaction of an aggressively pro-abortion stance is the best way to reduce abortions overall.

What all these points fail to recognize is the central fact of abortion: it is murder of the most vulnerable people. And if it is murder, no Christian can rightly vote for someone who believes it should be legal, on-demand, with no significant restrictions on when, how, or with whose permission it is done.

Number 1 is patently false. Democratic areas have the highest rates of abortion. Obviously.

Number 2 is deluded. First of all, contraceptives are either abortifacient (i.e. killing more babies unreported) or else don't actually reduce abortions anyway. Not that that should change whether or not it should be legal to murder babies. Secondly, as already mentioned, Biden will always say and do whatever he needs to to stay in power. His presidency will surely result in more abortions.

Number 3 is a pragmatic non sequitur. The ends don't justify the means. You don't vote for someone who promises to keep and further enshrine baby murder being legal in order to maybe have it occur less. Murder is murder, and murder is illegal. And let's be honest, demands from pro-abortion democrats by no means lessened under the 8 years of President Obama. They have steadily gotten more and more radically pro-baby murder.

4. "Biden loves all races and people in the nation. He will bring unity."
A. There is no unity without truth. You cannot sacrifice matters of import because you desire unity in our nation. We all do. Precious little unites us anymore, not geography, religion, language, culture, patriotism, shared history, or shared goals. We are an atomized and lost people, and sleepy Joe Biden has no chance of fixing that. In fact, he promises only to increase that atomization.

B. The division in our nation as a response to Donald Trump is not division caused by Donald Trump. Do not be quick to think that getting rid of Trump will quell our division. We were divided before, and barring a revival from God, we will be after he is gone.

C. Biden loves himself and the world. This man is a sycophant and does not care about the people of this nation, not truly (1 John 4:8). This is because the love of the Father is not in him (1 John 2:15). Don't count on Joe Biden to be an ally for a second longer than it is convenient for him.

5. "Biden would have handled the pandemic better."
We cannot pretend any longer that Biden is even close to matching the intellectual vigor and energy that Trump has even at 74. I'm no Trump super-fan; I did not vote for him in 2016. But one thing he has is energy—energy that Biden sorely lacks. The immediacy with which Trump dealt with the Coronavirus originally angered Democrats, including Biden. They want to forget that that happened, but it wasn't that long ago.

Christians should remember Nancy Pelosi standing in Chinatown talking about how safe it was to huddled crowds, inviting everyone watching to keep coming. Christians should remember Joe Biden as late as May calling Trump's virus response, "nakedly xenophobic," saying he has a "record of hysteria, xenophobia and fear-mongering" in February. We all know Biden is now accusing Trump of downplaying the virus and not moving quickly enough. And it's easy to forget that Biden did handle a pandemic before, and it went poorly. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric. Whatever tatters we are wearing now because of this pandemic, we would have been naked under Biden.

6. "[Insert other issue] is more important than other considerations."
Whether it be reducing systemic racism, helping the environment, or increasing socialist policies—which democrat-voting Christians believe is the same as charity and mercy ministry—we still need have our priorities as Christians straight. Not only are your priorities out of line if you are willing to vote for someone who believes baby murder should be legal, but the very issues you seek to prioritize are better addressed by conservative ideology in the first place.

We haven't the time to address every possible political issue and how conservative Christian solutions are always superior, but to address the few often mentioned:

—Democrats haven't solved the systemic racism they supposedly believe exists for decades, and if it's truly systemic, then the system itself is to blame anyway. Rather, Christians must reject claims to inherent race-based guilt and other historically godless deconstructionist philosophy, and instead support the Constitutional system forged in the crucible of 2,000 years of Christendom. We are forbidden by Scripture from falling in with the mob that is BLM as well. The church is the place of racial reconciliation; the government's job is merely to permit people to freely reconcile and love. Voting for democrats will only contribute to the racial tension with increasing regulations, forced corporate trainings, public school indoctrination, affirmative action and divisive, racialized rhetoric.

—We all have a vested interest in the stewardship of the Earth. Conservatives believe the free action of people is the greatest bulwark to abuse of natural resources, not because people are inherently good-natured, but because they are inherently self-seeking and will naturally seek to preserve the resources available to them. And even if you disagree and think the government should have a more active role, Trump has done a remarkable amount of what you probably already want. We've even become energy independent which is a huge step to regaining control over the kinds of energy we use and how we use it. Voting for democrats will only continue the endless decline of our economic collapse from a thousand regulations and from nightmarishly imbalanced foreign environmental agreements.

—The government taking by force the money of citizens in order to redistribute it is is evil. But even if you don't agree, and think that the uncheerful giving that occurs via socialistic redistribution is permissible for the Christian, the bad (good) news is that it also doesn't work. It is cliché, but true: Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. Every "successful" socialist nation you're currently thinking of is 1) actually fundamentally capitalist, 2) is struggling under their socialistic high taxes and will fail in the long run, and 3) not America. America is the greatest economy in the history of the world, with an impossibly more complex market and system of laws, and with a society of people that is far less homogenous (i.e. not 85% white). Socialism fails. But that's good news because the church is the true womb of charity, not the government. In a free society without burdensome income redistribution, the church is freest and most able to serve the least of these as it has done for millennia.

The final reason Christians are voting for Biden is that
7. They are not Christians.
There are 205 million people in America that claim to be Christian.
Only 13% of Americans say Roe v. Wade should be overturned.
Somebody's not telling the truth.

We like to believe that there are millions and millions of Christians who are just truly deceived, or else purely ignorant. No doubt there are some of God's elect who are truly deceived, purely ignorant, mostly new to the faith believing that some or all babies should be able to be murdered legally. I mean that; there are some. But not 178 million.

Perhaps you don't think overturning Roe a good litmus test for saving faith. Okay. Can you think of one better? No matter how you cut it, no matter the statistic you find, there are still millions of people who believe they are Christian and yet have serious earmarks of one who has no true knowledge of the Father. And I think we know this in our bones.

Christians who vote for Biden bear those earmarks. It's not absolute, but it is true that not actually being a Christian makes it a lot easier to vote for a man whose almost every belief clashes with the Bible and the church. Christians who intend to vote for Biden should pray with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). Whenever a Christian finds herself ideologically on the side of every major corporation, every big tech and social media company, almost every major news network, all of hollywood, all the universities, all the unions and publics schools, most foreign populations and evil foreign governments—in other words, when a Christian finds herself voting with the world, and against 85% of the most biblical section of the Church, it is time for her to consider not just whether her vote is wrong, but whether her faith is wrong.

I do not believe everyone who votes for Biden is de facto not saved, by any means. I think it is a real possibility, and so should you. But what I am most adamant about is that the reasons Christians give for voting for Biden are not sufficient. If you are planning to vote for him, I pray that you'll repent.

Perhaps you will not vote for Trump either.
But you cannot vote for Biden.
May God bless you with wisdom.

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